About Us

Photo of Equii team smiling at a trade show.
Two Scientists and a Chef...

...walk into a kitchen and create the most magical bread there is. Through years of research and tinkering, Monica Bhatia, PhD, and Baljit Ghotra, PhD, discovered that a better fermentation process would create a better bread. They teamed up with Chef Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F. to make sure that every bite of their healthy bread delivers a taste that would be at home at any table and for any meal.

Rise Above It All

At EQUII (ee-kw-ee) we take the high road. By creating bread that is HIGH in protein, HIGH in taste, LOW in carbs with a LOW ingredient count, we are elevating the bread aisle. Healthier can also be delicious. It's as simple as that.

Photo of Equii Classic bread product next to tray of bread snacks, small bowls of strawberries & dry fruits.
Photo of a person making bread with wheat protein dough with their hands.
Innovating with Purpose

Grains are the centerpiece of any plate. They are also the most sustainable way to feed our planet. We have developed a proprietary fermentation technology that repurposes grain starch and converts it into powerful protein to ensure a plate that is good-for-us and good-for-the-planet. Equally nutritious, delicious & sustainable, now that's EQUII.

For Goodness Sake

Why can’t our favorite comfort foods have the power to nurture our health and preserve our environment? Making quality protein more accessible, enjoyable,and sustainable is our ultimate mission.

Photo of Equii Multi-Grain bread with chocolate filling.
Big News From EQUII

Food technology startup EQUII raises $6 million in seed round.

Big News From EQUII

Food technology startup EQUII raises $6 million in seed round.