Product Information

Currently you can only buy Equii bread on our website but we are looking to launch in Amazon and retail shortly. If you'd like to find Equii at a store near you, please fill in our retailer request here.

Currently we make classic wheat and multi-grain.

Please visit our recipe section here.

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Our EQUII breads are made without any artificial preservatives. For maximum freshness, keep refrigerated after opening. Unopened bread can be stored in your freezer for up to 6 months.

Ingredients & Nutrition

We advanced an ancient bread making technique, fermentation, which converts some of the starches into complete protien.

Please see our ingredient line here.

Please see our nutritional panel here.

Complete protein helps build and sustain lean muscle, keeps you full longer, increases metabolism, and sustains energy.

Yes! Equii is currently non-GMO and we will soon be certified.

Equii contains wheat.

We are not currently kosher.

Yes! We are on non-GMO bread and strive to be as clean as possible in all areas.

Absolutely. We have 2x the protein, 30% fewer carbs and 50% less total sugar vs. other leading bread brands!

Yes! No animals were harmed to make this incredibly powerful bread.

Orders & Shipping

We only ship on weekdays (Monday- Thursday) and strive to have all orders arrive to you within 3 business days. Any orders received on Thursday through Sunday will be shipped out on Monday.

We ship to the continental United States; we currently do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii due to supply chain constraints.

No, we currently do not ship to Canada.

Given the product is perishable, we cannot ship to PO boxes.

All products on our site are final sale. We kindly request you do not send us back your bread as we can't take physical returns. But, if you feel something was wrong with your order, connect with our team at info@equii.com. We'd love to hear your feedback and want to make it right within 30 days of purchase.

Orders cannot be cancelled after being placed at this time. We're a small team of humans working quickly to ship your bread asap! If you need support cancelling future orders within a subscription account, connect with us over at info@equii.com.

Yes! We offer free shipping for any orders over $60.

No, we currently do not offer expedited shipping.

Once your order is shipped out, we will email you with the tracking number.

Please contact us at info@equii.com.

Oh no! Please contact us at info@equii.com and we will work to find it for you!

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