Equii Multi-Grain bread.

Magic in Every Slice

10g of complete protein per slice, and unbelievable goodness!

Delivering Delicious & Powerful Nutrition Everyday

2x more protein 30% Fewer Carbs 50% Less Sugar Chef Crafted Plant-Based Non-GMO

In Comparison to Other Leading Brands

Game Changing Bread

The EQUII Difference

The bread you never thought possible is here- finally. We are uncompromising in our promise to you: Bread as delicious as you remember, that is packed with powerful protein. We combine simple ingredients with the centuries-old craft of breadmaking, to deliver a better for you comfort food.

"EQUII bread is tradition meets innovation. it is hands down the healthiest bread I have ever baked."
Photo of ingredients like Ham and Avocado on a Equii Multi-Grain sliced bread.
"EQUII defies what I thought was possible in bread. There's no tradeoff in flavor, texture, or quality in this supercharged, protein-packed bread."
Photo of a loaf of sliced bread.
“Great add to my diet. Exactly what the doctor ordered.”
Photo of chef spreading Carmel on top of sliced Equii Multi-Grain bread.
"If you are looking for a tasty and convenient way to increase your protein intake, I highly recommend giving this bread a try."
Let's Make Magic Together

Our award winning chef, Sebastien, has crafted delicious recipes with our bread to add 10-20g more protein to your favorite meals. From avocado toast to veggie sandwiches, your taste buds will thank you.

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Photo of Equii Multi-grain and Classic wheat variety pack.